Hey ladiessssss (in my best Beastie Boy voice)…BITE this!


On a recent trip to NYC, I was told by a fellow lipstick junkie to check out Bite Beauty Lab. I did just that. Bite is located at 174 Prince Street in New York. (cross street is Thompson) They also have a location in Cali, but my visit was in New York. bite

Here’s my review:

Con’s – First, their website states that walk-ins are welcome and no appointment is necessary. Totally NOT TRUE. I walked my happy self from Grand Central Station to Bite. It’s not a short walk but I had my headphones and took in some of the sites as I went. Arrived at Bite to be told I needed an appointment OR I could be put on the waiting list. Sidebar – let me explain the waiting list….there were two people on it and they allow an hour for each person, so that puts me at least two hours out IF a spot were to come open. No dice!
Secondly, the website and staff will give you the impression that you have an hour for your appointment. USE IT. They will try and rush you in and out in 30 minutes or less. MAKE them mix several samples for you. Don’t stop at their first mix. Try many different colors and shades. They told me my second sample was the best and I should go with that, I declined and we mixed more.

Pro’s – Outside of the two con’s everything else was great!!! I left with TWO customized lipsticks. One for day and one for night/weekends. You’ll get to pick your lipstick tube, whether you want matte or glossy (their matte is great), and you’ll pick a flavor for your lipstick. The tech that helped me was super nice and pleasant. The store is clean and vibrant with upbeat music playing, it’s nice and playful. It’s a bit small but it’s New York.

I will absolutely go again though, NOT WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT!!! If you are a lover of lipstick then do this. Take a friend and have a great time. It takes about 20 minutes for your lipstick to cure so do some shopping in the area, or grab a drink, which is what I did. The area is wonderful, inviting and fun.

I’d love to hear about your experience with Bite when you go!!!

A glove for one hand (not MJ or OJ…yikes)

I’ve always tried to take good care of my skin. Thankfully I quit the iodine and baby oil tanning mix when I was way younger. Now days I am working on how to look 23 while I am no where near 23. I want my skin to be lively and soft. I’ve read about and tried creams, gels, massage, and vitamins. I’ve also spent a good amount of effort on that time muncher site, Pinterest, browsing the DIY facials and suggestions. I think I’ve had more Pinterest FAILS and anxiety than I have success stories.

I’ve semi recently got my hand in the airbrush tanning business. I’ve never been one for tanning beds. I’m a scorcher, not a tanner. It would take me a great deal of time and large amount of mullah to get any kind of color from a tanning bed. And tanning beds are blah in my opinion. Who wants to look 10 years older than they really are and more importantly who wants that leather face? Not this girl. So, during my airbrushing endeavor and while trying to find something women could exfoliate with that’s youthful for their skin I found a great product. For realz, it’s awesome, it’s called, Dermasuri.

Dermasuri, http://www.dermasuri.com/, is a deep exfoliating mitt that revitalizes your skin by removing dead skin cells off your body, revealing healthy, smooth skin. It really does a great job. Not to be gross but you can see the dead skin on the glove after use. This glove also works great for removing that last bit of spray tan before getting another.

I used the glove all over my body, even on my face. I believe it says not to use on your face, but I did. I turned out fine. I really love this mitt. I use it after shaving and my legs feel like satin. My whole body feels like satin. I can’t say enough about it. Apparently lots of people can’t say enough about it. Dermasuri has made an appearance on NBC Seattle, in Cosmopolitan and Glamour magazine. Go Dermasuri!!!

Welp, that’s what I got for you today. Good stuff. Until the next….

Not cereal, Serial

serialWhile sitting around a bunch of people smarter than me, someone mentions Serial. Ok, so I go directly to Raisin Bran, Lucky Charms, Captain Crunch and think this is my chance to jump into a conversation. I know about cereal. Heck, I’ve been demolishing it since I was a kid.
No, calm down Sparky. Not cereal but Serial. Serial the podcast. Great….I ease back and listen.
So, Serial is a spin off of This American Life, and is hosted by Sarah Koenig. It’s about a teenage boy that was arrested and is currently spending time in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. As the conversation within the group continues about Serial I check out of listening and into the list of crud I need to get done for the day.
Fast forward a couple weeks and I find myself traveling from city to city for work. Not a huge commute, an hour here or there several days a week. While I am dissecting my life in my head, driving down the highway I remember Serial. I pull up the podcast and delve into Episode 1. (Thank goodness for Bluetooth in the car.)
I arrive at my destination just as Episode 2 has started and get back home as Episode 4 starts….as I arrive home, I sit in the car and wait for the episode to be over. I then go inside, unravel from the day, start dinner, feed the fam and sit on the couch with headphones in…episode 5 has all of my attention.
I am currently at episode 8 and almost into 9. Go listen!! For real. Even if you just listen from time to time, during small commutes or listening in while waiting at the dr’s office, grocery store, waiting to pick up your kiddo, laying in bed at night. Give it a listen. Let me know what ya think.


The bandwagon you’ll be strapped to for sure!

cookie butter

If you don’t love me after this post, you need some lab drawn because something is seriously wrong.

Do you remember the commercial years ago where one person is walking down the street with a chocolate bar and another person is walking down the street with a jar of peanut butter and they run into each other and their goodies collide? You do? Ok good.

Now I want you to imagine someone carrying Belgian cookies that are slightly caramelized, have a great crunch, and are almost but not exactly gingerbread flavored, is strolling down the street. As the Belgian cookie carrier turns a corner, he runs into someone carrying a jar of peanut butter….BOOM the two collide, rainbows shoot into the air, the sun is beaming, birds sing, unicorns prance around, there are smiles everywhere….a wonderful union is formed.

The collision has formed Speculoos Cookie Butter from Trader Joe’s and it is the best stuff on earth. I haven’t met a person yet that tried it and wasn’t wow’d by it’s amazing flavor. No joke. This amazing spread can be used on ice cream, sandwiches, for apple slices, toast, dipping or just put it on a spoon and go from there. That’s how it’s done in my house. We have every intention of having it on toast or ice cream but it never makes it past the spoon.

So next time you are near a Trader Joe’s head in for a sample. It will be the best thing you’ve done all week. Jump on the bandwagon and let me know what ya think.


The best bracelet for my noggin


While doing some shopping in the Virgin Islands I ran across a basket of colorful hair tie’s strategically placed at the checkout counter of a store. Just what I need!!! Another hair tie. I think I only have about 4 bazillion of them but can’t ever seem to find one when I desperately need one or the one I end up finding has been stretched out so big I could use it as a belt.
Oh well here, look at the little sign perched up next to the basket. It read,
“Each hair-bracelet sold keeps Haitians employed and helps raise money to install water filtration systems throughout the country, saving lives.”
So I bought three. Fast forward about 4 months later as I was searching for a hair tie, fumbling through the stretched out belts and the hair ties that remove hair as I fight to remove them after use. Oh here, I forgot about the ones I bought in St. John. I threw my hair up and went on with my day.
Here is the best part. Truly the best part. The ties have a little tab of material that sticks out a bit where the material is tied together. Now, I am not sure this next part was made purposely for my finding but I am taking credit for it. Not giving it any thought I used that little tab where the material comes together to pull the tie out of my hair and BAM! It came out of my naturally curly, naturally nappy, thin hair without taking 19 strands with it or getting stuck in my birds nest. I couldn’t believe it. Finally! A hair tie that holds my hair up and doesn’t leave me balding or in pain when it’s removed. This is good stuff. Kind of like finding a polish that doesn’t chip for two weeks, but that’s another blog and I don’t know of any non- chipping polish that also helps people in Haiti. Sorry, i digress.

Dear Men,
I know most of you are like, WHO CARES!!! Here is my tip to you. Buy your wife, girlfriend, friend, sister, man friend with long hair, boyfriend, neighbor, Mom, whoever, one of these hair ties and come out looking like a champ. Not only are you helping a great cause but you can also deliver the gift with an, “i can’t imagine how painful it may be at times to get those hair ties out of your beautiful hair. Here, try this and just pull on the little tab where the material comes together when you want to remove it”. You are welcome fellas.

The hair ties come in all different colors, they also have headbands which I have as well. Here is the website, http://www.simbihaiti.com/. Visit the page so you can learn about their products as well as their mission and what buying their products actually benefits. I have been more focused on how to get a hair tie out of my hair than the more important message of how your purchase makes a difference for someone.

It IS all about timing 11 12


I am pushing a campaign I saw on the book of faces. (yes, Facebook)
Without the support of social media and it’s ability to spread word like wild fire I am not sure how far the campaign will make it. So…here is a small blurb to help it out. I am not attempting to be political, I simply want to help raise awareness to a campaign I personally believe in.

Campaign 11 12
YOU can truly make a difference. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), Students Against Drunk Drivers (SADD), Remove Intoxicated Drivers (RID) are all organizations that were founded after horrible situations. Campaign 11 12 shares that same “birth”.
According to, http://www.odmp.org/search/year, in 2014 alone there have been 93 in the line of duty deaths in the United States. 39 of those deaths were related to non accidental gun fire. 39!! That is 3.25 lives a month just this year and that number only includes gunfire deaths.

Can you imagine your Father, Mother, Sister, Wife, Husband, Brother, Nephew, Uncle, Aunt, Co-worker, Friend, Neighbor, going to work and never coming home. Ever. The last conversation you had with them you had no idea would be the last. Would you have said something different if you knew it was going to be the last time you heard their voice? OR, we can flip it over. How about YOU, your wife, husband, sister, friend…all the same names from above and then some…didn’t come home because of a traffic stop where the law enforcement officer acted in fear?

A simple placement of the hands can help change outcomes. Here is what I found on the “about” section of Campaign 11 12 on FB:

11 12 is a campaign to help raise awareness between our law enforcement officers and the public.
It’s simple. The campaign asks that if you are the driver of a car, involved in a car stop by a law enforcement officer, you put your hands on the steering wheel at the positions of 11 and 12. Meaning, your left hand will rest on the steering wheel at the 11 o’clock position of a clock and your right hand will rest on the steering wheel at the 12 o’clock position of a clock. The campaign asks that if you are a passenger in a vehicle that is involved in a car stop that you rest your hands on the dashboard if you are sitting in the front seat and on the back of the head rests, (seat in front of you) if you are a backseat passenger.
The campaign also asks that you do not look for your driver’s license, registration or insurance card as the officer approaches your vehicle but rather wait so that when the officer approaches your vehicle your hands will be visible to the officer at 11 & 12.
A traffic stop is often an inherently tension creating event, for the citizen and the officer. Supporting 11 12 will go far in defusing that tension. Supporting the 11 12 campaign is not only for the safety of the officer, but the safety of the driver as well. Showing the display of 11 12 will let the officer know that you are not a threat, building trust between the officer and the citizen. This type of communication to the officer impresses upon him your support, easing tension and creating a more positive environment for the citizen and the officer. This display of support provides a better forum for the citizen to inquire about the stop if they have questions.
Please join with us to support 11 12. Your support is essential and appreciated.
It’s a small thing to do for a great cause.

So, all that sadness said…spread the word. Share it, like it, print it off and hand it out, gossip about it, participate, whatever you gotta do to help out. FB COVER HANDS

Bucket list – CHECK


Beaches. No, not the movie, though I love Bette Midler. I’m talking about white sand and crystal clear bath water. Not gritty annoying sand with junk scattered through it. White, soft, it’s ok to roll around in, kind of sand. Not cloudy, or “almost what I’m looking for water”, but I can see my feet and boy do I need a pedicure water. I checked both of these off my bucket list this summer. Finally!! It’s only taken 42 years. Where did I venture to? The US Virgin Islands. No passport needed. In particular, I went to Trunk Bay at the island of St. John. Here’s a pic:
The pic is not exaggerated or brushed up, this is what it really looks like. A short ferry ride from Red Hook on St. Thomas and you’re on St. John. A 20 minute cab ride to Trunk Bay and bam, you’re there. We spent all day there. They have a small hut where you can get food and rent snorkel gear. (though we took our own) If you are looking for clear water and white sand, this is it!! REMINDER: when ya snorkel remember that your back half is exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Lather it up!!! I got so carried away with snorkeling with schools of fish in crystal clear water I neglected the back half of my body and boy oh boy was it mad at me!!! Trunk Bay is a MUST!